Benny the Sing


          The wind howled. Grffiti was all over the walls. New York was the place where you live your dreams. Benny was the kind of guy that wanted to.

          Benny was wondering on the other side of New York. Benny’s friend Oscar came running to him. “Benny, Benny!” “What is it Oscar?” “The Back Street Birds are playing a concert right now!” “Are you serious?” “Yes let’s go!”

                   Benny and Oscar dashed to Madison Square Garden. Once they got there loud music was playing and everyone was cheering. Benny and Oscar were waiting on line for tickets. While they were waiting…

          “I cant wait to here the song you’re my dream girl. Benny has exclaimed. Benny started singing the song with his awesome voice. Suddenly The Back Street Birds herd his voice. They walked over to him. Oscar’s eyes poped out of his head. “Benny, Benny.” Shhh!” “I’m trying to sing.” “Oscar turned Benny around. Benny’s eyes popd out to. “Uhh you’re the the. “The Back Street Birds” “Yes, yes we are.” They finished his sentence for him. “Well anyway we wanted you to know you have a really good voice.” “R-really?” “Yea and we wanted to ask you if you wanted to perform with us in the concert”. “What!” Benny fainted. Oscar helped him up. “So what do you say?” “Want to?” “Yes!” “Ok so come to our dressing room and we’ll get ready.” Oscar and Benny were jumping up and down with excitement.

                   “I’m going to perform with the Back Street Birds!” Benny yelled. “I know and good luck.” “Well I’ll see you later.” Benny followd The Back Street Birds into their dressing room. Benny got ready. They entered on stage. The music started playing, and they started singing. “Go Benny!” Oscar Shouted. “That’s my best friend everyone!” Benny’s dream had come true. After it ended they joined hands and bended down to the crowd.

                   “That was awesome guys!” Benny exclaimed. Benny we were thinking if you wanted to be in the band with us.” “Really?” “Yea you have an awesome voice.” “Thanks.” “I’ll join the band. “Ok good because you should follow your dreams.”Benny went to find Oscar. Oscar found Benny. “Hey you were great out there.” “Thanks, oh and guess what!” “What?” “I’m joining the band!” “Really that’s great!” The Back Street Birds came to Benny. “Hey we forgot to tell you if you want to be in the band you have to move to L.A. “What!” Benny and Oscar yelled at the same time. “It’s a big decision.” “Think about it Benny.” Benny turned to Oscar.

                   “Oscar look I want to go but I can’t leave you and all my other friends.” “Benny it’s your dream, you can’t give up this great opportunity.” Benny and Oscar did their handshake. Benny sighed. He went to his house and packed for L.A. The limo was ready to take him to the airport. Oscar helped him with his bags. Benny stepped into the limo. He waved goodbye. Then the limo headed to the airport. Once they got there planes were flying and luggage’s were everywhere. Benny kept thinking about his friends and most importantly Oscar.

                    No I can’t leave them. I have to go back. I’ll miss them a lot Benny thought. “Oh hey Benny I was working on this really cool song that I want you to sing.” “No I’m not going to sing.” “What do you mean?” “I’m not going to sing because I’m going back home.” “So buh bye!” Benny was going home to suprize Oscar.

                   “Ding Dong!” The doorbell rang. Oscar opened the door. “Benny what are you doing here?” “I can’t leave my best buddy.” Oscar smiled. They did their special handshake. “I really appreciate you coming back for me.” “No problem anyway I would miss my family and my home town.” So then on, Benny was already living his dreams, right where he lives with his best friend.