Hockey Legend: Mario Lemieux


Six time Art Ross Trophie winner [scoring title]. Two time Conn Smythe Trophie winner [MVP in playoffs], One time Calder Memorial Trophie winner [rookie of the year], and three time Hart Trophie winner [MVP of season]. Who is this person that did this? It’s the astonishing hockey star, they call Mario Lemieux this is just the awards Mario won, he also…………

            Well let’s just start from when he was born. On October 5th 1965 a new Lemieux was born. He was named Mario and he had only 2 brothers and their names where Alain and Richard. He was raised by his Dad – Jean-Guy and the person you can’t live without your mom. Mario’s mom was named Pierrette. Mario growing up wanted to win whatever it was. Even a game of cards or a contest a school, Mario wanted to win. Along the way the French-Canadian kid found his love for hockey as he had astonishing stats in the Laval hockey league and the OHL  [Ontario Hockey League]. Later on in his life he also found love to a woman named Nathalie Asselin and soon married her and had 3 daughters. Lauren was born in 1993, Stephanie was born in 1995, and Alexia was born in 1999.Mario also had one son named Austin Nicholas he was born in 1997. They now live in a suburb right outside of Pittsburg called Sewickley

            Mario did not stop at the OHL, He eventually got drafted by the Pittsburg Penguins and became on their NHL hockey team. Throughout his career he won all the awards previously listed and played with Pittsburg his whole career. Also on one game day against the New Jersey Devils, Mario was ready that day, he came out and during the game scored  5  goals all the different possible ways. He scored one on a power play, when they had one extra man, one on a penalty kill, when they had one less man, one when they each had 5 skaters, one when on a penalty shot, and one when the Devils tried to pull their goalie to get an extra skater to score and tie the game he shot it in to the empty net. After Mario was done playing with the Penguins he retired. In 1999 he bought the penguins from bankruptcy and became the owner and still is now.

            Speaking of after his career Lemieux was abducted in to the hockey Hall of Fame and did a lot throughout his career.  He has showed many times anything is possible with his sensational points and his journey to discover he had Hodgkin’s disease a form of cancer. Mario got it during mid season of 1993-1994 seasons and he defeated it and returned to the ice with Pittsburg .There was only a 40 percent not to die. People say that inspire many young sick patients that them to, do have a chance at getting well and to believe. After his fight he realized that all his effort was a lot and that little kids like 7 years old h might have what he has and they are fighting just as hard as him and that with   all his money he could start his own cancer foundation. That’s exactly what Lemieux did and that specific foundation was called The Mario Lemieux Foundation. Lemieux also inspired many young hockey lovers and taught young hockey lovers in the NHL such as Sidney Crosby, Evigini Malkin and many more.

            From what Mario has accomplished with his career, marriage, and just his life is simply no doubt amazing. With his awards, to his kids, it’s just superb!!! Mario Lemieux’s fight for his life and his cancer foundation is inspiring. It doesn’t matter if you hate him but the stuff he has done and he is doing should earn you the least bit of respect for him. Mario Lemieux is a great hockey player. This is a man who changed hockey…… This is Hockey Hall of Famer: Mario Lemieux.





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